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Growing up in an Italian-American family meant that food was literally EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME.

¬† Food hits all the senses – the bright red flesh of a summer’s first tomato, the crackle of pancetta sizzling in the frying pan, the twirl of spaghetti around the fork. The way that first flavorful bite makes your mouth salivate. And how the¬†aroma of sauteing garlic and onions can catapult you back to 10 years old making Sunday sauce with your dad. These are my Mangia Memoirs.

But I realized that this is the case for everyone. The senses are what fuel why food is so naturally engrained into memories. It’s also the intertwining with occasions – Cooking for holidays, dinners out celebrating graduations/birthdays, weeknight meals made to remind you of “home” and even unhappier circumstances like the spread of food after a funeral or the four pound bowl of “comfort” pasta after a heartbreak. These things morph into one and create the memory.

Universally, food is the binding thread of memories that brings people together, that keeps traditions alive and creates a meal that will last a lifetime.

Mangia! Memoirs aims to capture the food and the memories that come along with it.


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