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REVIEW | Democratic Republic of Beer (DRB)

DRB - Democratic Republic of Beer "La Chouffe"

La Chouffe Beer (aka Gnome)

With a name like this, it HAS to be good.

The DRB touts 500 beers from around the planet.  How could you possible contest that? You can’t and that’s why on one perfect summer Saturday evening, Tony, Adam and I decided to venture in to downtown to try it out.

Alisa & Adam

Our Mangia Memoir (what we’ll remember):

Saturday night is a big night at DRB, but we got lucky.  Ad

am and I “did a lap” around the block, while Tony hopped out and snagged a table.  We sat outside at one of their sidewalk tables, directly across from the Adrienne Arsht Center, which happened to just let out a show.  We were greeted by all of the acrobats of Cirque Eloize.  How amazingly fit those guys were.  Kinda makes you feel like shit, when you are slammin’ a gallon of beer and plate full of sliders!

The Verdict:

  • 4 out of 5
  • FOOD: The food was surprisingly good. My expectations were pretty low, because it’s a “beer joint”, but we really enjoyed everything we ordered.  They have a very diverse menu to compliment the variety of beers.  It’s nothing hoity toity, but definitely a solid menu.
  • SERVICE: despite being completely packed, our server somewhat attentive.  He was nice enough, not over the top oozing with joy, but did what he had to do.  I was expecting a little more assistance with beer selection, since they have…well….500 beers to choose from.
  • AMBIANCE: we sat outside and never even saw the inside, so we’re probably not a great judge for ambiance. The sidewalk seats were fine for us, but could be annoying if you weren’t in the mood for a high traffic spot.

    Sliders & DWNTWN Miami fries from DRB

    Beef Sliders & DWNTWN Miami fries

Items Ordered:

  • Volcano Shrimp: they’ve got a little heat on them, but a really great flavor. I’d definitely order this again.
  • DWNTWN Miami Fries:  cheese sauce and I don’t get along, but these were still pretty good. I liked the addition of tomato
  • Beef sliders: who doesn’t love sliders of any kind? These were flavorful and so yummy, Tony ordered round 2.
  • Chicken sliders: the breaded chicken version of the beef sliders and equally as delish.
  • La Chouffe (beer): 8% alcohol and served in basically a chalice. Enjoyed.
  • Peroni (beer):  Peroni, Peroni, the Italian beer. Tony’s go-to.
  • Leffe

Tony & Alisa

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In Honor Of | National Egg Month

I thank the man/woman who discovered the incredible, edible egg.  It has brought so much joy to our lives! The most versatile food, hands down!

A compilation of all our meals featuring eggs!


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