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REVIEW | Gourmet Hot Dogs at Senate

gourmet hot dog and beer at Senate

The All-American food goes “fancy” and super delicious at Senate

Having been absent from the Cincinnati-scene for over 2 years, it was inspiring to see some of the unique new restaurants that are now available in historical neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine.

Our Mangia Memoirs (what we’ll remember):

Zack, my awesome brother in-law, and I decided to meet for lunch.  The day was absolutely GORGEOUS. Perfect late-summer, early autumn weather…the sun was shining (yes, I’m sure we were in Cincinnati). We popped in to Senate , had a pretty damn awesome meal and then decided, since the day was so perfect to scope out Findlay Market just for fun.

Their menu changes often and they have “daily dogs” so be sure to become a fan of Senate on Facebook for all the latest and greatest.

The Verdict:

  • 4.5 out of 5
  • FOOD: Everything I put in to my mouth was mischievous, but in a very delicious way.  My only complaint would be that I looked like a damn savage when I was done eating.  The hot dogs are served on these  tiny wooden cutting boards (super cute), but they aren’t very large, so I had Hello Kitty remnants all over the place
  • SERVICE: we were greeted with warmth (which is the polar opposite of Miami restaurants, so that was refreshing).  Our waiter was acceptable.  Not overly friendly, but knew his stuff and did a solid job.
  • AMBIANCE: exposed brick, no nonsense. chill.  Zack wanted a decorative mirror or something to add a little pizazz.  The place is small, with one row of tables along the wall, with an open kitchen and bar area.

Items Ordered:Duck Fat Fries & Truffle Fries

  • Hello Kitty (hot dog) – all beef frank, with wasabi mayo, crushed wasabi peas, wasabi slaw and slab of smoked bacon.
    • It was hot, sexy and delicious.  The combination of all the wasabi toppings definitely cleared out my sinuses, but the sweetness of the slaw helped counter it.  You’ll never hear me complain about too much bacon, but honestly this dog didn’t even need it.  Would have been fine without.  WARNING – it’s messy, like reeeeal messy, so if you are trying to impress that sexy man/woman across the table from you, they better like the look of destruction.
  • Lindsay Lohan  - arugula, caramelized onion and bacon.
  • Duck Fat Fries – yes and yes please.  Crispy, crunchy, just enough salt and how damn cute do they look in their little frie containers?
  • Truffle Fries – double yes and yes please.  If I had to choose to only get one order of fries, I’d get the truffle fries. There is something about the aromatic POW!!! of truffle that really gets me going.







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